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Tips To Make Homemade Skor

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If you are looking for some interesting finger foods  and delicious goodies for the next Christmas, you can try preparing skors at home. These are delicious candy like desserts, prepared mainly with soda crackers and chocolate chips . It takes very little preparation as well as cooking time and can be served  quickly.


Making skor at Home- Tips


Melting butter:

While preparing skor at home melting butter needs special attention. Do not move away from the pan while the butter melts as you need to keep stirring it constantly. The butter might start burning out - if you keep stirring you will be able to get a very thick consistency of the butter. Remember the thicker the butter is, the better it shall be for your recipe.


Lining soda crackers:

This is another very important step that needs to be completed with patience. when preparing skor. Lining the cookie sheet with soda crackers is important. Rememebr to grease the baking pan with a tin foil.


Baking Time:

You need to bake the crackers for 10 minutes. Keep a watch on the crackers to see if the sides start getting burnt and then take them out. Your crackers will be done.




Cool the skores for at least 60 minutes before you start breaking them into bite size pieces.

Serve the homemade  skors with candy dishes  to your family and kids. Enjoy!


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Tips To Make Homemade Skor