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Tips To Make Homemade Licorice

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Licorice candy made at homeIf you know the right way to use licorice  root you will be able to prepare a very nice candy using it and anise . This was previously used as a medicine to cure  flu and cold – this is one of the main reasons why this is prepared at home. We have a few tips and suggestions which will help you to prepare this candy easily and serve it to your near and dear ones.


Licorice making tips:



  • You will need molasses to prepare this at home – buy this from your store and keep it ready. There are many recipes which will suggest the preparation without molasses, but experience says, the candies don’t turn out well without these.


Dried root powder:

  • You will have to use licorice root powder and nothing else. Using anything else will spoil the taste of the candy.


Making a paste:

  • You have to get the consistency of the molasses and flour mixture right. Keep adding flour till you get a very thick and workable paste with the mixture.


Shape the candies:

  • Once the dough forms well you can shape the dough into long tubes. These can be of ½ inches thickness and of 6 inches in length.

Your homemade Licorice candy  will be ready to be served once they harden.


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Tips To Make Homemade Licorice