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Tips To Make Homemade Churros

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Churros prepared at homeDoughnut like treats which look quite similar to the horns of a churro sheep are loved by all. The problem lies in preparing them – most of us believe that these cant be prepared at home and even if they are prepared, they don’t don’t turn out so delicious. If you too believe this or haven’t tried making these at home due to such apprehensions – we have some good news for you. We offer you some quick and easy tips to make these at home and have a very satisfying experience.


Churros making at home:



·        Ensure that you have measured all the ingredients well or else you won’t get the right shape and texture which you are looking forward to.



·        This is a very important part of making churros at home. You have to kept it stirring constantly, at every stage of its making so that the ingredients blend well.


Professional looking churro:

·        You might be making churro at home, but there is no harm in making them look really professional. You can use a star tip for you tube and you will get just the perfect shape.


Cooking time:

·        Once you have squeezed the batter in hot oil you need to cook the pastry for just 1 minute or you will just spoil their taste. You need to ensure that you get a golden brown color before you stop cooking.Churros prepared at home - look inviting


Paper towels:

·        Use paper towels to drain out excel oil from the churros.


You are now almost done with the churros – the last step is to mix cinnamon and white granulated sugar for the coating. The churros will be ready to eat.


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Tips To Make Homemade Churros