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Tips To Make Homemade Energy Bars

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559242-homemade-energy-bars.imagesqtbnand9gctmvurknt4doyt2-bxoqxylcdt2pihbhmttzsdgqgu9w3eo9ig-rj-vzgvtuaNeed instant energy from something really delicious or desire to make something quickly to surprise your guests and showcase your culinary skills– homemade energy bars will be your solution! These make excellent munchies and can be packed for your toddlers too. These bars are perfect for kid’s parties and picnics too as they can be easily packed individually. If all this really interests you then read on…


Homemade energy bars making tips:



  • You do not have to arrange huge number of things to prepare these bars. All you need is chopped hazelnuts, ½ cup raisins, granola, brown sugar, eggs and chocolate candies. You need to measure the ingredients well to get the perfect texture of the bars.


Preheating the oven:

  • It’s very important to preheat the oven before you spread butter in the square pan.


Mixing the ingredients:

·        Just as in case of all other sweets and desserts, you have to mix all the ingredients very well so that no lumps are formed and all ingredients combine well.


Baking Time:

·        This depends on the type of oven you are using and its temperature settings. The recommended baking time is 25 minutes but in case you find the bars are not cooked well, you can bake them for further 5minutes.


Once you are completely done with the making of these bars you will need to cool them. Before serving you need to cut them into squares, wrap them in individual papers and serve them.

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Tips To Make Homemade Energy Bars