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Tips To Make Homemade Fruit Snacks

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Whenever you feel hungry or desire to munch something – it’s best to have homemade fruit snacks. These are healthy and have no extra calories which can be harmful for your body. Moreover, you can prepare them at home, whenever you feel like and serve to your friends Here are some quick and easy tips to prepare them.


Fruit snacks preparation ways:



  • If you are preparing these at home you need to make them in different varieties and with a number of fruits. Choose different types of dried fruits and nuts in the snack. You can use dried peanuts, strawberries and almonds for additional taste.



  • There is no fixed recipe for preparing homemade fruit snacks – you can prepare them as per your creativity and innovation. One great innovative and healthy idea can be to use three fruits such as orange, grape and lemon and stack them one by one in a skewer. Sprinkle some fruit salt and serve it to your kids as soon as they return home from school.Homemade fruit snack with one fruit



  • Fruit snacks taste delicious when served with dips. As a part of your fruit snack making process, you should also prepare a dip with cream and yogurt. Fruits can be dipped and served to kids.


Lime juice:

  • Once you have combined the different cut fruit pieces in a bowl you can squeeze lemon juice for added taste. Lemon juice adds a tangy taste to the fruits and keeps the fruits fresh.


Serve fruit snacks as and when you wish to your family and friends – nothing can be as healthy and tasty.

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Tips To Make Homemade Fruit Snacks