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Tips To Make Homemade Samosas

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Homemade samosasThe popularity of Samosas as an Indian snack has spread far and wide. In fact, samosas or the delicious deep fried dough with a filling is not only prepared in restaurants, but can also be easily prepared at home by following a few, simple steps.


Samosa making tips:


Get the right ingredients:

  • Filling is the most important part of a samosa which is made using chopped onions, potatoes, green peas, chili, cilantro leaves, chili powder and salt as per taste. All purpose flour and baking powder is used in making the dough.


Making cones:

  • The toughest part is in making cones of the samosa in which the filling is carefully poured and sealed. If this is not done correctly the filling might come out during frying. It is recommended to make very small balls from the dough and then make circles of 5-6 inches. The circles can then be cut into halves using a knife. Liquid from the all purpose flour can then be smeared on all sides and then shaped into cones. The filling is poured and then the sides the sealed well. 559071-making-cones-for-samosas.imagesqtbnand9gcrnjoaw9c-as5kb1u1bhsofjha6vtnletee5cshcdi1hvbflkf2ftptobkksq


Hot oil:

  • Samosas need to be fried in very hot oil. Wait till the oil is very hot and then drop the samosa in the oil very slowly. If you drop it in not so hot oil the samosa will soak the oil and slowly spoil its taste.  Fry till it turns golden brown in color.


It is important to serve homemade samosas hot with chutney and sauce prepared at home. Nothing can be as delicious as these triangular fritters.


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Tips To Make Homemade Samosas