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Tips To Make Homemade Jelly Beans

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In spite of so many varieties of candies and chocolates entering the market – jelly beans ( semi soft, bean shaped, fruit flavored candies) still continue to top the list of kids priorities for sweet delights. Homemade jelly beans also have a hard shell and a very gummy interior and can be prepared in a number of flavors, just as they are available in the market. These make interesting snacks and are also easy and convenient to carry to picnics and get-togethers. Here are some quick and easy tips of making these at home.


Jelly beans making tips:


Weigh the ingredients:

  • You will be using a number of ingredients but to get the perfect texture of these you need to keep all the measurements accurate. A slight variation in any one of the ingredients will spoil the taste as well as the texture of the sweet.



  • Stirring is an important part of any sweet making process. When you are preparing jelly beans you will be cooking sugar, water and gelatin in a pan. It is extremely vital that you boil all the ingredients on medium heat and during this process you have to continuously stir it. If you do not, small lumps will be formed and small bits will be visible.



  • You have to keep a watch on the cooking temperature. As you find the temperature reaching 230 degree F, you have to remove the pan from the burner. This is because if the syrup gets hotter, the jelly beans will be very hard. You can place this cooking pan in an ice bowl so that the temperature does not reach to such a level. 558973-fresh-fruits-for-flavor.jpgw300h255



Adding fruit flavors:

  • This is the most interesting part of the making process. You can add various types of fruit juices which include grapes, lemon, orange and blueberry. You can also add little bit of lemon juice. The best option is to add some freshly squeezed juice but you have to remember that you need to filter away any pulp.


Jelly beans can be enjoyed anytime – do not forget to store them well so that you can enjoy them for many days.


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Tips To Make Homemade Jelly Beans