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Tips To Make Homemade Sandwiches

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Homemade sandwich -delicious and tastyOne of the most common food items served at restaurants and prepared at homes,  with just two slices of bread and a delicious filling is our humble sandwich.. You might have prepared these at home several times using the same ingredients and getting the same taste every time. Here are some tips and ideas which will help you to make the homemade sandwiches more delicious,  easier  to prepare.


Tips for Sandwich Making At Home:



  • Use a sandwich spread as these add special flavor and a much loved creaminess to any sandwich. Common spreads which you can use are mayo, mustard, chutney, BBQ sauces, pestos and also salsa. Experiment with any of these or some more – it is truly worth trying out.Different types of sandwich spread


Bread Selection:

  • Pick the correct bread for your sandwich . If using moist filling which is soft, you should use fluffy bread. It is recommended to pick dry breads if you have a moist filling. Picking a thick crust can also be a good idea – this helps in keeping the integrity of the bed.Healthy sandwich prepared at home



  • Most of us use tomatoes and lettuce in sandwiches – why not try something different? You can choose plenty of vegetables which are easily available at home and includes roasted pepper, spinach, sliced cabbage, cucumber and even sliced fennel. These vegetables will render a lovely taste to any sandwich prepared at home.


Remove sogginess:

  • Soggy sandwiches do not actually taste so good. If you are using cream cheese, butter or mayo, spread it along the edges of the bread so that it is able to seal it well. To remove sogginess, you can toast the bread also.


Using onions:

  • Do you love onions in sandwich ? Do not forget to remove the edges of the onions which you use in the sandwich. You can also soak sliced onions for at least 20 minutes and pat them dry before you use them in sandwiches. You will love their taste.


These tips will surely make your sandwiches tastier and healthier. Do you have any more tips for sandwiches?


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Tips To Make Homemade Sandwiches