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Tips To Make Homemade Gummy Bears

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Colorful gummy bear prepared at home

Kids love this rubbery textured confectionery, which is quite similar to a jelly baby. Gummy bears are popular gelatin based candies that can be prepared at home too. It is 2 centimeter in length and takes the shape of a bear, making it really special for kids. These are quite popular at birthday parties because of the variety of colors and shapes. Here are some quick tips and ideas which make preparing them easier...


Easy tips:



It is important to have the ingredients ready and at hand when you are preparing these sweet treats. This is what you need to keep handy:-

  • flavored jello
  • iced water
  • candy molds
  • unflavored gelatin.


It is not advisable to include additional ingredients as too many ingredients may spoil the bears.



  • In a bowl add all the ingredients one by one. These need to be mixed very well to get a good consistency. You have to ensure that the mixture you have gets a slushy consistency.




  • You need to have the right molds for this candy so that you can have the perfectly shaped bears. Use a large ear- dropper to fill these molds properly with the mixture.


Of course you can give yourself a treat too by making a quick gummy bear shooter while you slog to make your kids happy.



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Tips To Make Homemade Gummy Bears