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Tips To Make Homemade Bounty

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Looking for some sweet goodies for your next party or just to surprise your guests or family? Try to make the popular chocolate Bounty bars created by Mars Incorporated and sold worldwide, at home. Yes, making this at home is easy – you just need a few handy tips. 


Tips to make Bounty Bars:



  • Do not miss out on any ingredients when you are trying to make these at home. One miss and it will make a huge change in the taste and flavor of the dish. To make bounty at home, ensure that you have heavy cream flavored margarine, some dark chocolate and desiccated coconut.


Overnight refrigeration:

  • Once you have prepared the mass you have to refrigerate it overnight. You cannot miss this step. The best way to do so is to line a baking pan using a baking paper and let it refrigerate overnight. You can take it out the next day and turn it on a cutting board.Homemade bounty at home


Sharp knife:

·        You need to cut bounty cubes very carefully. It is advised to use a sharp knife to make cubes so that you get really neat pieces.


Hope the above tips will help you to make bounty in the way you crave for. Happy eating ! Don’t forget to write us back with further tips.         


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Tips To Make Homemade Bounty