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Tips To Make Homemade Creme Egg

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Creme egg ideas for making at homeWe all look forward to crème egg during Christmas and nothing can be better if you know how to make them perfectly at home. If you have tried to prepare these  delightful treats previously and could not quite manage it, here are some easy tips which will help you to prepare the perfect dessert  next Christmas.



Easy crème egg ideas:


Egg molds:

  • To get the perfect shape of crème egg you need to have egg molds for the purpose. Half egg cupcake molds are just fine and you can use them – you can try out other molds, but wouldn’t you like to get the perfect egg shape?


Damp hands:

  • The toughest and the trickiest part is when you are rolling the yolk and putting the eggs together. Your hands are really going to get sticky and to overcome such a messy situation, you can just damp your hand little bit. You do not have to make it super wet but just don’t let it be dry. You can keep a bowl of cold water and dip your hands whenever you find your hands getting dry. Remember to shake away any excess water which sticks to your hand.Delicious homemade creme eggs



  • Keep plenty of chocolate in hand as you might run out of filling and nothing can be worst than stopping in between to stop and make the filling. Prepare your chocolate in advance so that you do not have to stop in between while preparing the crème egg.Molten chocolate filling ready


You do not have to wait for your next Christmas to try out these crème egg  ideas – try them now and enjoy!


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Tips To Make Homemade Creme Egg