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Tips To Make Homemade Mars

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558607-delicious-mars-bar-made-at-home.imagesqtbnand9gctiqs00gxsp8gxnpm6kxpx-6kf4ls8nz7nb7-ol3acu2gur9bau9aai5mv7kaPreparing Mars bars at home can be real fun and satisfying too! You can try these out for your kid’s birthday party  or just for satisfying your sweet cravings. Some easy tips and ideas can help you to prepare these bars easily. Take a look!


Tips to make Mars Bars at home:



  • You need to measure all your ingredients before you start preparing. Moreover, have the right things near your hand which includes caramel and corn syrup. If you do not measure them you might not get the right taste and flavor.



  • You need to have the right temperature when you combine water, corn syrup and sugar. The correct temperature is 270 to 290 degrees. You can check by dropping a small quantity of syrup in cold water and checking if it forms pliable threads which are hard.


Beat egg whites:

  • Use an electric mixer or hand blender to beat the egg whites so that stiff peaks are formed.Beating egg whites



  • You will have to bake the ingredients to prepare Mars. Thus, greasing the baking dish is very important so that the mixture does not stick to the dish and are well prepared.


Sharp knife:

  • To get neat bars from the mixture you have to use a very sharp knife. This will ensure you get perfectly shaped bars which are neat and look delicious.Perfectly shaped mars bars


Once your homemade Mars are ready you can store them in the refrigerator so that the chocolate is firm and tastes delicious when served.


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Tips To Make Homemade Mars