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Tips To Make Homemade Corn Chips

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558601-homemade-corn-chips.imagesqtbnand9gcti94lqsrxeblpmsva8ncchueq-hqcnwweh4kkpl0entwd-dfiu-aNothing can be as delicious as the corn chips made at home. These make perfect snacks for serving during tea-time. Many people complain of not getting the perfect crunchiness and taste even after trying several times. Here are some ideas and tips which are sure to help you.


Corn chips – Easy Tips:



  • Make the dough well to get the right softness. Check to see that the dough does not crack when you mould it, but it shouldn’t be sticky enough. Make the dough and let it rest for an hour.


Use a small saucepan:

  • Use a small saucepan to fry so that the chips can turn easily and its convenient for you to handle them while cooking. Moreover, it is easy to deep fry in a small saucepan.Deep frying corn chips in a small saucepan


Cook in small batches:

  • Cook just 3-4 chips at a time. This will ensure that all the chips are cooked evenly and well. Keep turning in between so that all the sides cook well.


Sprinkle salt and cinnamon:

  • Add to the taste of the corn chips by sprinkling cinnamon and salt. The chips will be ready to eat.


Once you have prepared all the corn chips store them in airtight containers until you use them again.


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Tips To Make Homemade Corn Chips