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Tips To Make Homemade Kit Kat

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Homemade kitkat ready to be eatenNothing can be as delicious and satisfying as the Kit Kat bars prepared at home. Yes, these can be made perfect, just like you purchase them from your store. Our easy tips will help you to prepare them in the right way – try these out and enjoy!


Tips for homemade Kit Kat:



  • Get this right first. Your favorite Kit Kat does not need elaborate preparation and plenty of ingredients. You just need three types of ingredients which  are  almond bark chocolates, peanut butter and Graham crackers. Nothing more – if someone suggests anything more, you can easily disregard it!


Graham Crackers:

  • It is advised to use Keebler crackers as they do not break up easily. If you are not happy with broken crackers, you can use any of these.Crackers and chocolate sandwich



  • This is the most interesting part. You need to take 2 graham crackers and place peanut butter in between, just to form sandwich. This can then be dipped in melted chocolate. Ensure that the sandwich is well coated on all sides.Chocolate in which the crackers will be dipped



  • Let the Kit Kat dry for long after these have been coated. These can then be refrigerated so that they set well. If these do not set, you wouldn’t get a good shape.


You can serve this Kit Kat to all your friends and relatives! Prepare them and store them in sealed containers and have whenever you like.


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Tips To Make Homemade Kit Kat