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Tips To Make Homemade Lollipops

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Homemade lollipopsMaking lollipops at home can be really addictive – make as many as you wish, whenever there is a craving and enjoy them. So, here we present you with some great tips and ideas for making thes sweet goodies at home without any hassles.



Lollipop making tips:


Make opaque lollipops:

This is probably the most common problem faced by those who make these at home - how to make lollipops opaque? The solution is simple – all you need to do is add little bit of white food color and all your lollipops will be opaque. It is a simple trick which is used.


Measure all your supplies:

This is specially recommended for those who are preparing lollipops for the first time. You might be well experienced and confident with your measuring capabilities – it is still recommended to have all your supplies measured. Do this as a part of the preparatory process. It will certainly make your work easy.


Spray cooking oil:

Those who have problems while sliding out the corn syrup from the measuring cup can do it easily by just spraying cooking oil in the measuring. This shall help in the smooth flow of the corn syrup and no more waiting or shaking the cup vigorously to pour over the syrup.Delicious homemade lollipops


Other tips:

  • ·         Pour the hot mixture in a ceramic pitcher or in a glass. This makes it easy to pour and if the mixture sets in between, you can just reheat it in the microwave and move ahead.

  • ·         Grease the molds using cooking spray and place these on a very flat and greased surface. It can be placed in a new cookie sheet or a marble sheet also.

  • ·         Keep a watch on the lollipops and as soon as they start to set, they can be easily removed.


Yes, it is as simple as that. Hope the above tips have answered all your queries and will help you make perfect lollipops.


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Tips To Make Homemade Lollipops