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How to Make Lassi - A Refreshing Yogurt Drink

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Learn to make delicious Lassi, a refreshing yogurt drink

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How To Make Lassi - A Refreshing Yogurt Drink
Why not enjoy a refreshing yogurt drink, Lassi with a wonderful blend of flavors from fresh mint, cilantro, cumin and chaat masala. Add this flavorful lassi to your next summer party menu and amaze your guests. The video is definitely worth watching, take a look and give it a try..

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yaah this is the great indian summer drink.........nice video......nice presentation!thanks for this delicious laaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssiiiiiiiiii!
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we make makhania lassi. that lassi is very famous in jodhpr,raj. every guide book matoinat our lassi
How To Make Lassi - A Refreshing Yogurt Drink Video, How To Make Lassi - A Refreshing Yogurt Drink