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Wasabi Salmon Recipe

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Mayonnaise can be a bit of a diet faux pas and commercial light or low fat mayonnaise is often too sweet or has a strange taste to it so when host Michelle Koen wanted to make Wasabi Mayonnaise to go with grilled salmon a little inventiveness was required. The results? One of our tastiest dishes yet!

The sauce has a beautiful creamy texture and a subtle sweetness from the orange juice which accentuates the spicy warmth of the wasabi. To round out the palate this dish is served on a refreshing bed of steamed asparagus and cucumber. Yum!

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Wasabi Salmon Recipe
Do you love mayonnaise and want to try out a homemade variation to the commercial light or low fat mayonnaise. Watch this video as host Michelle Koen makes Wasabi Mayonnaise to go with grilled salmon. Look at this video and you would surely end up making one of the tastiest dishes.

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Wasabi Salmon Recipe Video, Wasabi Salmon Recipe