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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Crisps

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Low Fat Crisps — Potato ChipsSomeone had rightly said, when it comes to crisps, "no one can eat just one." While crisps often make for tasty sides for sandwiches, they can be rarely tagged as healthy; however, cutting down the sodium and oil can transform this high-fat food into a low-fat one. Trail these tips on how to prepare low fat crisps for more.


How To Prepare Low Fat Crisps

  • If you want healthy crisps, then choosing your oil carefully will make a lot of different. Most store-bought crisps are cooked in cottonseed oil that is artery clogging in nature. You can substitute these saturated fats with sunflower oil or spy oil that contain half the fat of cottonseed oil and contain no trans or saturated fats.
  • You can also substitute potatoes for other healthy alternatives like tapioca or plaintain, as they are less starchy and contains less fat. Using these healthy vegetable options will not only slash down the fat content, but will also render them as healthy.
  • Crisps contain high amounts of salt that is one of the worst health offenders. Too much salt cannot only trigger high blood pressure and kidney problems, but can also lead to accumulation of fats. Substituting the sodium with herbs and seasonings will not only make it taste good, but also help lower fat.
  • Baking the crisps instead of frying them will lowers the overall fat content, making for a healthier option. As a comparison, a fried chip contains 150 calories and 9 g of fat with 2.5 g of saturated fat, whereas baked chips average from 110 to 140 calories with 2.5 to 6 g of fat.


These tips will surely help you come up with crunchy munchy crisps that won't offend your health or taste.


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Crisps