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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Hummus

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Low Fat Hummus — HummusIf you crave for a snack that comes packed with loads of nutrients, satiates you in a snap, and is extremely flavorful, then hummus could be your bet. This tasty garbanzo bean-based dip that is almost a staple in Middle Eastern cuisine, can be devoured with anything— from carrot sticks to chicken breasts and is extremely luscious. High in fiber a protein, hummus can be fattening or not depending on the ingredients. If you are planning to whip up a low fat hummus, then Tahini is something you should avoid adding.  No matter how you whip up this treat, make sure you keep in mind the following tips to prepare low fat hummus to save yourself from going over the top with fats.


 Preparing Low Fat Hummus

  • Making hummus at home allows you to customize the ingredients to reduce fats as low as you would like. When preparing low fat hummus, Tahini is the first thing to skip.  As long as you are using strong seasonings, skipping Tahini wouldn’t make much of a difference in its taste. A typical hummus recipe calls for at least three tablespoons of Tahini, and skipping it knocks calories and fat off the batch.
  • Hummus recipe calls for olive oil that is primarily added to the dip to amplify its texture. However, if you would like to lighten the dip, you can cut down on the amount. Alternately, you can skip olive oil from your hummus recipe completely and use water instead. That would significantly cut down the fat from your hummus, although there would be a slight difference in the taste. You can also add yogurt if you want.
  • Hummus is typically enjoyed with flatbread, pita, or raw veggies. Devouring them along with veggies instead of starchy breads could significantly cut down the fat. Also, avoid eating fried chips and crackers, as they will add additional fats to your diet. If you can’t do without crackers, opt for whole-wheat crackers made with shredded wheat, whole-wheat pita bread, flat bread, or whole-grain bagel chips to increase the nutritional value of your snack.

These tips are sure to make your hummus luscious, low fat and healthy.


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Hummus