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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Taco

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Low Fat Taco — TacoTacos aren’t really the healthiest food on earth, and there is little denying that. However, making a few healthy, nutritious substitutions while making tacos at home and cutting down on the dietary fat content in it will help keep off those unwanted pounds away. All it takes is some basic modifications and a few simple steps to get tacos devoid of fat. Trail down these tips on how to prepare low fat taco at home and get started.


How To Prepare Low Fat Taco


Homemade tacos don not have to be heavy fat, bundles of salt. You can just add half the quantity of seasoning or better still, shake up your own low-sodium blend of seasoning using fresh minced garlic, chili powder, black pepper, cayenne pepper or any other seasoning you want. Remember, the cue is to cut back on salt.


Homemade Salsa

Preparing low fat salsa can be another great way to cut back the fat from your tacos. You can blend in coriander, onions, tomatoes, and lime juice to make luscious salsa at home. However, make sure to be generous with your lime juice as that will help curb your craving for salt.


Meat/ Meat Substitute

Meat is another high-fat ingredient that often features in most tacos. You can swap the high fat cuts of meat with very lean cuts of beef or turkey, depending on what you prefer the most. Also, make sure to rinse the meat well before cooking, or else there is a chance of fat coagulating. The vegetarians and vegans can opt for healthier options like for tempeh, tofu, corn or soya granules that are extremely rich sources of protein and very low in fat.



Also, keeping a strict tab on your choice of tortillas can help further quash the fat content from your tortillas. You can opt from low-fat variety corn, whole wheat, and vegetarian taco shells than the fattening ones.


Next time when making tacos at home, don’t forget to refresh these tips in your mind and execute them too for a low-fat luscious taco meal.


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Taco