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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Flapjack

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Low Fat Flapjack — FlapjackWhether you are on a low-fat diet or watching your weight, these tips on how to prepare low fat flapjacks will help you enjoy healthy, tasty sweet treat this festive season, sans any guilt. Flapjacks are best described as a riot of sugar and butter with oats stuffed in just for nutrition sake. To ensure that the excess butter and sugar in flapjack doesn’t dampen your festive celebrations, while at the same time holding your diet in good stead, picks your cues from the below-mentioned tips.


How To Prepare Low Fat Flapjack

  • When preparing low-fat flapjacks at home, you will be surprised to see how simple substitutions can turn even the most decadent dessert into a delicious, healthy treat. You can start by replacing sugar with pureed prunes or dates. Doing so won’t just give your flapjacks their desired sweetness, but will also help to slash down the fat and calorie content of your flapjacks. A wise choice for sure!
  • One of the key ingredients used in traditional flapjacks is butter that is definitely unhealthy. Most flapjacks pack in smacks of butter or margarine. But then, even margarine packs in the same amount of fats like butter. In that case, opting for something like coconut oil will definitely upgrade your recipe and cut down some amount of fats, no matter how little.
  • Flour is another monstrous ingredient in flapjacks that can render it as unhealthy. If you aren’t too much fond of using all-purpose flour, you can easily substitute it with self-raising whole-wheat flour for extra crunch and very less fat.
  • Golden syrup is a non-negotiable ingredient in flapjacks. However, if you would want to upgrade your recipe to a less fattening one, you can happily resort to agave or maple syrup or even honey. You can also replace cane sugar with other healthy artificial or natural alternatives.


These tips on how to prepare low fat flapjacks is sure to help you bake win-win desserts this season.


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Flapjack