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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Carbonara

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Low Fat Carbonara — CarbonaraDelicious and filling, carbonara is a gastronomic treat for all pasta lovers, which never fails to please. However, being extremely high on fat, dieters often choose to abstain from it. Traditionally prepared from bacon or pancetta, Parmesan cheese, egg yolks and whipping cream, a classic carbonara meal can surprisingly equal up to your entire days fat requirement. However, prudently substituting fattening ingredients with low fat will easily leave you with a nutritious and diet-friendly alternative to the traditional high fat carbonara. For more tips on how to prepare low fat carbonara, read on.


How To Prepare Low Fat Carbonara

  • When making carbonara at home, it’s best to replace pasta made from refined flour with whole-grain or multi grain pasta.  Refined flour pasta contains no dietary goodness and has tremendously negative impacts on health. It contains gluten, starch, sugar, and salt and bilks you up with fat. In that case, opting for whole grain or multigrain pasta wouldn’t just make a nutritious choice for your carbonara, but will also leave your health on a high.
  • Parmesan cheese is one of the key ingredients used in carbonara. Agreed, it contains negligible amount of fat than other forms of cheese. Nevertheless, it can amplify the fat content of your food, however much less. In that case, slashing down the amount of Parmesan cheese into half will make your spaghetti delight all the more wondrous and healthy.
  • Another great way to make your carbonara low in fat is to use bacon bits instead of pancetta or bacon strips, to get the desired flavor sans the fat.
  • Also, using fewer egg yolks can help minimize the fat content of your carbonara. Also, mixing the yolks with skimmed milk instead of butter will help you whip up a rich sauce sans the fat and the cholesterol.


Keep these tips in mind while preparing carborana and you will be surprised to see how light and luscious it turns out to be.


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Carbonara