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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Cinnamon Roll

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Low Fat Cinnamon Roll — Cinnamon RollThere are very few things in life as ridiculously delicious as freshly baked, fluffy, cinnamon rolls coated with sugarcoated icing or glazed. However, did you know that these yummy buns are usually quite high on fats and calories, and can be devastating for your diet? If you love cinnamon rolls, but don't wouldn't really want to consume a whole day's worth calorie in one sitting, then you should definitely pay heed to this tips on how to prepare low fat cinnamon roll. Try opting for these tips and you will enjoy light, low-fat cinnamon rolls without upsetting your diet.


How To Prepare Low Fat Cinnamon Roll

  • One of the unhealthiest ingredients in most cinnamon rolls is flour. To cut down the fat content in your cinnamon rolls, start by replacing a part of the flour with whole-wheat flour, white whole-wheat flour, or spelt flour if you like. However, take care to add the flour slowly and in smaller proportion, since these flours have a different flavor and create a different baking texture (often firmer) than all-purpose flour.
  • You can save tons of calories and fat in your cinnamon rolls by substituting skim or low-fat milk for whole milk. However, you can add a little whole milk to the dough to make it richer and fluffier.
  • Agreed, eggs add richness, structure, tenderness, and color to the rolls. At the same time, it packs in quite a fat whack to the dish. In that case, replacing whole eggs with egg whites or other substitutes like Egg Beaters will give you the same rich flavor and taste without the unwanted fats.
  • Another key fattening ingredient in most baked dishes, including cinnamon rolls are butter. Butter does add a certain amount of richness and flavor to the rolls. However, substituting it with mashed bananas, fruit puree, or applesauce would definitely help trim down loads of fat from your rolls.
  • Also, replacing the sugar-filled icing with low-fat cream whip or skipping the glaze altogether will ensure that you have luscious yet low fat cinnamon rolls.


Hope that these tips will help turn your cinnamon rolls into a tasty, healthy delicacy.


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Cinnamon Roll