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Thanksgiving - Perfect Stuffing

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Jack Scalfani shows you how to make delicious stuffing for your holiday turkey. Here is the recipe:
How to Make Perfect Stuffing
4 teaspoons of
poultry seasoning, sage, salt and pepper
2 teaspoons of
marjoram leaves
1 loaf of white bread
3 cups chopped celery
2 large onions chopped
1/2 a cup of raisins
2 cups of milk
small package of walnuts. about 3/4 of a cup
2 pounds (32 oz.) of ground pork sausage
1 1/4 cup of butter (2.5 sticks)


lay out all the white bread slices and let get stale over night.
cube bread slices and place in a pot or big mixing bowl.
in one frying pan melt the butter
in the another frying pan brown the ground pork
once butter is melted, add celery and onions and sauté them.
remove pan with onions and celery from flame and add seasonings. Mix thoroughly.
pour celery/onion mixture over cubed bread.
then pour browned sausage pieces over cubed bread
then put raisins and smasked walnuts on top one cubed bread and toss lightly
drizzle milk on top and toss again lightly
stuff into bird or bag for another night.

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Thanksgiving - Perfect Stuffing