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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Popcorn

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Low Fat Popcorn — Healthy PopcornThere is no denying that fluffy, crunchy popcorns are the most devoured munchies in the world are high in fiber and makes for a healthy snack option. However, most popcorn recipes use oil for the corn kernels to explode or use additional high fat toppings like sugar, butter, and cheese, thereby rendering it as unhealthy and high on fats. Low-fat popcorn is easy, tasty, healthy alternatives to these decadent delights. Avail these tips on how to prepare low fat popcorn and pop up fat-free, light snack.


How To Prepare Low Fat Popcorn

  • Popcorns taste better and healthier when made in air popper. However, most people tend to use oil to pop the corns, which though tasty, can pack in quite a significant amount of fats. If you don't have an air popper at home, you will have no other choice but to go for oil-based cooking. If using oil, go for canola oil that contains fewer saturated fats than any other oils.
  • Most people add extra flavorings like butter, salt, cheese, or caramel to the popcorn to amplify its taste. While this might help amplify the taste of your popcorns, it can nevertheless add empty calories and fat to your snack. Also, it's important to cut down on salt and seasoning as they might weigh down your popcorn with extra sodium. To make the most out of your popcorn, its best suggested to savor it plain.
  • If you need to dress-up your popcorn at all, we suggest you go for healthy ingredients. Just spray some olive oil, little low fat Parmesan cheese, a small pinch of chili powder, and a dash of sea salt. You can also add nutritional yeast to your popcorn instead of cheese for delicious flavor.
  • If you love caramelized popcorn, but maintain safe distance from t owing to its high calorie and fat count, know that mixing in a tablespoon of mini chocolate chips and dried cranberries to your popcorns will render it as a modest-calorie sweet treat.

These tips on how to prepare low fat popcorn will render you crunchy munchy snack low in fat and extremely healthy for chomping.








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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Popcorn