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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Scones

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Low Fat Scones — Healthy SconesRich, dense scones are yummy equivalent to mouth-watering muffins, bagels, and toasts and just like this breakfast staples, come loaded with fats, calories, and sugar, making them a not-so-healthy-option for weightwatchers for sure. While a plain scone may contain up to six grams of fat, the fat-count for flavored scones can be even higher. The next time you are looking for something healthy to eat for your breakfast, all you have to do is follow our tips to prepare low fat scones and bake nice, fluffy, low-fat delights for your early morning meal.


How To Prepare Low fat Scones

  • The scone is a kind of a wild card where the fat content always depends on the recipe, ingredients, and the sources of fat. If you would like to trim down the fat content of your scones, then you will have to forego butter, oil, margarine, or lard that amounts for the most fat in scones. There are a slew of low-fat and fat-free substitutes that can be used to replace high-fat ingredients in baked goods to create healthier treats. A cup of butter can add whopping amount of fat while margarine and shortening contain hydrogenated fats that can do even worse for your health. Replacing them partly or wholly with low-fat, tasty substitutions like  fruit purees, applesauce, mashed bananas, pureed prunes, or pureed pears would be the best alternatives here.
  •  Another great way to minimize the fat content of your scones is to replace whole eggs with healthy egg substitutes. You can either go for a commercial, store-bought egg substitute or use natural substitutes like bananas and applesauce, tofu, vinegar mixed with water, or soda will help bind the ingredients and add body, flavor and texture to your scones.
  • Agreed, cream helps give scones its rich mouth feel, but at the same time, it makes it off limits for weightwatcher. Replacing heavy cream with low-fat alternatives like plain low-fat yoghurt, light cream cheese, or low fat milk will do the trick here.


These tips on how to prepare low fat scones should make this breakfast delights fit enough for your daily consumption.


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Scones