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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Chowder

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Low Fat Chowder — Clam ChowderWhen the temperature gets frigid, all thoughts turn towards a piping hot bowl of chowder.  There is nothing quite like a bowl of creamy chowder to appease your tummy and warm up our body. Delicious and creamy chowder, which is low in fat and healthy for you, makes a great lunch or dinner idea. If you are looking for tips to prepare low fat chowder, your search ends here. Just pick your cues from the below-mentioned tips and whip up a truly hearty soup.


How To Prepare Low Fat Chowder

  • The roux found in most chowder comprises of chicken, fish or vegetable stock, milk, and thickening agent like flour, which certainly cannot be tagged as healthy. Most store-bought stock contains exorbitant amounts of added fats and sodium that can spell disaster for your health. Replacing it with wholesome, homemade stock prepared with low fat milk and lean meat and loads of veggies will not only help eliminate unnecessary fats, but will also make it more nutritious.
  • If you are allergic to milk or like to skip it altogether, then substituting milk and cream in your chowder with other low-fat options will help. Combining low-fat milk with mashed potatoes or potato flakes will make your chowder so rich and creamy that you won't miss the actual cream. You can also opt for low-starch options liked cooked turnips and cauliflower to thicken your chowder. However, opting for these veggies will considerably change the flavor of your chowder.
  • Replacing canned food with fresh varieties will cut down on the empty fat and calories. Canned vegetables, fish, or meat contains high amount of sodium and added fats that can simply topple your diet plans. Go for garden fresh veggies, lean meat and fish strips to prepare your chowder and minimize the fat content.


These tips will help slash the fat content of your chowder largely.


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Chowder