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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Fudge

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Low Fat Fudge — Low Fat DessertsFor sweet-lovers, fudge is bliss, but not so for those on diet, as these little chunks of frozen sweets are extremely high on fats. Being weight-conscious or keeping a tab on your diet does not necessarily mean that you have to forgo your favorite sweets. With little ingenuity and some modification, you can enjoy small portions of fudge, on rare or special occasions. The tips on how to prepare low fat fudge should get you whomping up low fat fudge without much trouble.


How To Prepare Fudges That Are low In Fat

  • One of the best ways to cut down on the empty calories and make your fudge less fattening is to replace sugar with artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners contain lesser calories and carbs than cane sugar and are deemed as the best substitute to the fattening sugar. You can also opt for natural sugar substitute like maple syrup or applesauce that apart from sweetening your fudge, will also lend it a nice flavor.
  • Another key ingredient in fudge is whole milk, which is high in calories and fats. In that case, switching to dairy-free, low fat milk or reduced-fat evaporated milk will save you from overweighing your fudge with unnecessary fats. Soymilk, coconut milk, almond milk, potato milk are some of the dairy free milk options which you can use to make your fudge.
  • If you are making chocolate fudge at home, opt for unsweetened cocoa powder or unsweetened chocolate baking squares instead of a whole bar of chocolate will slash down the fat content to a large extent. However, if you are too fond of chocolates, then opting for semi-sweet or bittersweet chocolates would help your get yummy, low fat, chocolaty fudges.
  • Also, replacing the regular butter with healthier alternatives like almond butter or nut butter would not just lend an added taste to your fudge, but also minimize the fat content.
  • Substituting cream cheese with a low-fat version would further help you to slash down the fat content of your fudge.


Hope these tips will help you to prepare low fat fudge and gorge on them without piling yourself with unwanted  calories.


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Fudge