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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Tarts

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Low Fat Tart — Low Fat DessertTart is a delicious dessert but  is  dangerously high on fats too. Crispy crust filled with custard like cream stuffing and topped with frosting, fruits, berries, or any other seasonal produce may be appeasing to the taste buds, but can spell disaster for your waistline. However, that doesn't mean you forgo your favorite dessert. Using cues from these tips on how to prepare low fat tarts, prepare healthy, tasty,low fat desserts at home without having to worry about piling on extra weight.


How To Prepare Tarts That are Low In Fat

  • You can enjoy a delightfully fresh and low fat tart by using low fat gingersnaps, low-fat graham crackers, or phyllo dough base. Phyllo, also known as filo, contains no trans fat or saturated fat and cholesterol and can be made using non-fattening cooking spray. These tissue-pare-thin pastry sheets make a great low fat alternative to the regular flour and butter pastry crust.
  • Most tart recipe uses heavy, cream-based filling usually made from cream cheese, heavy whipping cream, ricotta or mascarpone cheese, eggs, and loads of powdered or granulated sugar, which can be very, very fattening. To trim out the fat content from your tart filling, replace whole eggs with egg whites that will give you equally rich and velvety custard like texture. Using lowfat cream cheese, part-skim milk ricotta or half-and-half, will slash down the fat content. Also, replacing white sugar with natural or synthetic sweeteners like applesauce, pale syrup, Stevia or Splenda will further shoot down the fat and calorie content.
  • No matter how tempted you are to use fatty frostings to caramelized or glazed fruits to deck up your tarts, it's best if you opt for fresh fruits like kiwi, banana, blueberry, blackberry, strawberry, as doing so will not only spike up the nutritional value of your tart, but will also save you from consuming unnecessary fat.


A typical tart contains more fats than recommended. Limiting the fat content in your tarts won't just make it healthy, but will also make for guilt-free bingeing.


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Tarts