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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Candy

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Low Fat Candy — Healthy CandyIf you are a candy craver but cannot binge on it for fear of piling on extra pounds, then don't despair. You can prepare simple, low fat candies at home to satisfy your sweet tooth without spiking up your daily calorie intake. Trail the tips on how to prepare low fat candy and tweak the recipes according to your personal preference and taste.


How To Prepare Candies that are Low in Fat

  • Fluffy, chewy, or creamy, candies are nothing but pure sugar and a single bite can pack in quite exorbitant amount of fats, making them the worst foe of anyone looking to lose weight. One simple way to reduce the 'fat' blow is to cut down on the sugar content. Substituting sugar with artificial sweeteners — synthetic or natural, won't just help shoot down the sugar levels, but will also make it a healthy indulgence. Substituting the sugar or cane syrup with healthy natural alternatives like honey or maple syrup won’t just help add a nice flavor to your candies, but will also cut back on the damaging effect of sugar syrup.
  • Another great way to slash down the fat content in candies is to opt for chocolate candies instead of fruit candies or butterfingers. Candies prepared with dark chocolate or cocoa aren't just healthy for your heart and health, but is low in GI and packs in fewer side effects than other sugary-candies.
  • Skipping the flour and grain candies and opting for nut candies would be another great way to reduce the fat content in your candies. Nuts contain good fats, mega-3 fatty acids, fiber and more and do not contain heart-wrecking oils are not as much damaging to your health as other unhealthy substitutes.
  • If you are preparing chocolate candies, opt for oats, wheat, nuts, and berries. They won't just spike up the nutritional value of your chocolate candies, but will also make it less fattening.


Remember, no matter what you do, candies will still be fattening. However, following the above tips will help make it low-fat and less unhealthy.


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Candy