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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Apple Pie

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Low Fat Apple Pie — Low fat DessertHoliday season celebration is incomplete without luscious apple pies that though  appeasing  is highly fattening and disastrous for your waistline. A great way to beat the fat and make the dessert safe  for your waistline is to substitute all high fat ingredients with low-fat versions. For further inspiration, pick your cues from these tips to prepare low fat apple pie.


How To Prepare Apple Pies that are Low in Fat

  • A classic way to trim down the fat content in an apple pie is to opt for a low fat pastry or piecrust. Agreed, there is nothing quite like light, flaky piecrust stuffed with luscious filling. Replacing all-purpose flour with pasty flour or other gluten free alternatives or using graham cracker crust will cut down considerable amount of fat from your piecrust. Also, using other low fat ingredients like egg whites, canola oil or any other unrefined oil, and non-fat milk would ensure that you enjoy light, crispy, low fat crust.
  • Another way to substitute the fats in apple pie is to opt for fat-free alternative to butter or oil. Alternatives like applesauce and fruit puree are best way to substitute the highly fattening butter and oil. Not only will it help bind the piecrust together, but will also keep the dessert nicely moistened and soft.
  • A low fat, low sugar and low calorie apple pie filling would equally help to slim down your dessert. You can easily whomp up low fat filling using low-fat graham cracker crust, skim milk, Splenda, apples, spices,  low-fat cream, and sugar-free, low-fat caramel. If you are looking to keep a tab on your fat consumption, then you will surely hit a jackpot with this pie.


Taking cues from the above tips try to prepare a low fat apple pie that is not only heartening, but also healthy.

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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Apple Pie