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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Noodles

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Low Fat Noodles — Healthy NoodlesNoodles may be the ultimate comfort food and the best quick fix for dinner on lazy evenings. However, for weight-watchers and health freaks, noodles are a complete no-no. That is because noodles are high in carbs and cholesterol and can be fattening too. But, that doesn't mean taste have to be sacrificed too. Here are some tips to prepare low fat noodles that will keep both your ticker and your taste buds happy.


How To Prepare Low Fat Noodles

  • Noodles are made from flour, which is pure carbs that if consumed in excess would deposit as unwanted fat in the body. To save yourself from one such blithe, slash down the portion of your noodles to half. However, if you are addicted to noodles or think of it as a quick-fix option for extremely hungry days, then opting for a healthier variety of noodles made from high quality multigrain or wheat would save you from all the woe.
  • Noodles are pretty much bland on their own and more or less depend on additives and sauces for taste and flavor. Adding veggies like carrots, peas, green beans, capsicum, mushroom, chicken, scallops and shrimps won’t just add health and taste to your food, but will also be more filling. To cut down on the fat, add 2 portion of veggie to 1 portion of noodles.
  • Using canola or olive oil to sauté the veggies would be another great way of minimizing the fat from your noodles. Using butter would no doubt make your noodles taste yum, but then if eating ‘low-fat’ is a priority, then olive oil, sesame oil or canola oil would do just as fine.
  •  Believe it or not, cutting down on the sodium content in your noodles would not only save you from appearing bloated, but also save the risk of cardiac and kidney ailments and stroke. Cutting down on salt and using some yummy herbs to jazz up your noodle would any day be a great bet.
  • And yes, stay away from the bottle of ketchup. Most people tend to add dollops of ketchup to their noodles. Refrain from doing that as ketchup itself is high in calories and fats and can just add to the ugly fat content of your noodles.


These tips should help you cut back on the fat content of your noodles to a large extent.


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Noodles