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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Meatloaf

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Low Fat Meatloaf — Healthy MeatloafMeatloaf is the most favored comfort food, but, this scrumptious, feel-good-food is obnoxiously high on fats and carbs and can affect your waistline in more ways than one. However, that doesn’t mean that you shun this dainty delicacy completely. Traditionally prepared using a mixture of ground beef, breadcrumbs, eggs and onions, the health of your meatloaf depends highly on the ingredients that go into it. You can easily bake healthier meat loaf with just a few changes to the classic recipe. For cues, trail these tips to prepare low fat meatloaf.


How To Prepare Low Fat Meatloaf

  • One of the ideal ways to slash down the fat content in meatloaf is to swap regular meat with leaner options. Opting for lean ground turkey or chicken or even lean ground beef. If you want to opt for fresh meat, go for grinded sirloin roast, which has lesser fat than most meat.
  •  On the flipside, leaner meats can be a little dry and crumbly. In that case, adding vegetables like onions, garlic and green peppers to your meatloaf will save the meat from becoming totally desecrated. You can also spray some olive oil to your meatloaf mixture for added moisture. Olive oil is a heart healthy fat and is a great substitute to the fat found in ground chuck.
  • If you wish to make your meatloaf healthy and trim down the fat, then opting for simple seasonings like cracked black pepper and sea salt would be fine. For added flavor, you can use loads of onion and garlic.
  •  Most of us tend to use eggs and cracker crumbs to bind the meatloaf together. If you want to make your meatloaf low in fat, then using egg substitute like eggbeaters in lieu of whole eggs would slash down the fat content considerably. You can also use oatmeal in place of cracker crumbs to hold the mixture together. Not only will it bind the loaf well, but will also add dietary fiber to it.
  • Using a healthy meatloaf topping will help slim down the fat in your meatloaf. While many people reach for ketchup, it's important to know that ketchup is loaded with sodium. Instead, consider making brown gravy instead.

These tips to prepare low fat meatloaf will yield delicious comfort food. Just make good choices like lean meat, vegetables, low-sodium seasonings and toppings, and healthy binders.




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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Meatloaf