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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Coleslaw

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Low Fat Coleslaw — Low Fat FoodNothing really beats the taste and freshness of homemade coleslaw that is just perfect for summer picnic or barbecue. However, this yummy salad, whipped up using shredded cabbage and creamy mayo dressing, can be quite dense in fat. Thankfully, with a few simple modifications, you can keep a fat-laden dressing from negating the healthy benefits of the cabbage. Tweak up a low fat slaw with these tips to prepare low fat coleslaw and get ready to be completely knocked out by the meager amount of fat you find.


How To Prepare Low Fat Coleslaw

  • One of the best ways to knock out fat from your coleslaw and make it more healthy and nutritious is to go high on veggies and trim out the dressing. While shredded cabbage is perennial favorite of all slaw lovers, you can also add some more nutrition to it by adding other healthy alternatives like cucumber, carrots, zucchini, broccoli, green onions, red pepper, scallions and more. Cutting back on the dressing and going high on vegetables will not only make your slaw yummy, but also fill you up without piling on extra fat.
  •  No matter what vegetable you add to your slaw, unless you slim down the dressing, your efforts to obtain low fat coleslaw is pretty much effete. The best and most obvious alternative is to swap full-fat mayonnaise with a low-fat one. However, if you squirm at the thought of low-fat mayo, then replacing it with a delicious low fat vinaigrette prepared from soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, ginger, a small pinch of sugar and red pepper flakes would do wonders. You can also opt for low-fat yogurt dressings if you wouldn’t like to compromise on the creaminess of coleslaw.
  • Another way to tweak up coleslaw is to replace sugar with artificial sweeteners like Splenda. Not only is it calorie-free, but also dissolves and sweetens better than sugar and packs no fat. A win-win alternative for sure.
  • Substituting buttermilk with a fat-free alternative would be another great way to whomp up low-fat coleslaw. You can also squirt some fresh lemon juice or vinegar for added tang.


With these tips, you can easily enjoy healthy low fat coleslaw that can make for a perfect addition to crispy baked chicken, fish as well. as a topping for a healthy barbeque sandwich.


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Coleslaw