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Cooking for One

Whether you live in a large household or not, you may find you have to cook just for one or two people now and then. When cooking for one, you don't have to eat the same old leftovers every night! Here are some tips for cooking for one:

Make Use of your Freezer 
Dishes such as curry, rice and dal (lentils) freeze well, so make more than you need for one meal. Freeze individual portions in plastic containers, which you can find at any supermarket. You can then defrost only as much as you need, when you need it.

Same Ingredient, Many Meals 
Purchase ingredients that can be used for a variety of meals and use them throughout the week. Fresh produce, canned beans (such as kidney beans), or cooked chicken are common ingredients in many recipes. Search websites such as or for recipes using ingredients you have on hand so that you can use the same ingredient for a few different recipes.

Get a Doggie Bag
When you eat out, order a little more that you normally would so you will have some leftovers. Make a quick side dish to go with your leftovers and you've got another delicious meal!

Find a Cooking Buddy
Get together with a friend and cook together. Not only can you split the leftovers but cooking together is a great way to relax and unwind. Get a bottle of wine and some good music and spend an evening cooking!

With a little ingenuity, you can make cooking for one fast and easy. You don't need to graze off of whatever is in the fridge - treat yourself to a delicious meal instead!

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Cooking For One