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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Bread Pudding

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Low Fat Bread Pudding — Low Fat DessertBread pudding is a luscious dessert that is quite ill famed for its high fat content and is clearly avoided by weight-watchers and health freaks. Usually prepared using stale, leftover bread, eggs, sugar, butter, spices, dried fruit, and some type of sweet topping, a single serving of bread pudding is good enough to throw your diet out of the window. Thankfully, there are endless ways to cut down the fat and carbs from this decadent dessert. These expert tips on how to prepare low fat bread pudding at home will surely get you baking this yummy dessert every off and on.


How To Prepare Low Fat Bread Pudding

  • To make your bread pudding healthy and low in fat, you will need to use lighter ingredients.  Opt for sugar-free pudding mix for the base and then substitute all other high-fat and high-carb ingredients with low-fat alternatives like egg whites for whole eggs, non-fat dry milk powder for whole milk, reduced calorie or low-fat white or whole-wheat bread in lieu of white bread, light margarine instead of butter and non-fattening cooking spray.
  • Another great way to slash down the fat and carb content from your bread pudding is to replace breads with unleavened, cracker-like matzos they make an excellent substitution for chunks of bread.
  •  You can also go absolutely dairy free to cut back on the fat content of your pudding. Substituting milk with almond milk will not only give your bread pudding a pleasantly nutty flavor, but is also considerably low in fat and is free from lactose. You can also opt for other alternatives like rice or soymilk to prepare your low-fat bread pudding.
  •  Instead of tossing your bread in butter or margarine, use vegetable of castor oil to mildly cook it. You may omit it altogether, if you are very fat-conscious.
  • To give the dessert a mellow, low fat, yet festive sweetness, substitute light brown sugar with Splenda or any other artificial sweetener. Replacing sugar with artificial sweetener will help further slash down the fat content of your dessert.


These tips will sure-fire help to cut down the fat content of your bread pudding that can make for a guilt-free indulgence once in a while.


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Bread Pudding