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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Cream Soup

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Low Fat Cream Soup — Creamy Pumpkin SoupBe it creamy clam chowder or any cream of celery soup, nothing can be more comforting and satiating than a bowl of piping hot cream soup on especially hungry evenings. Thick, rich cream soups are the ultimate comfort food. Unfortunately, creamy soup comes loaded with unhealthy cream, butter and sodium. With a bit of creativity and substitutions, you can turn a salty, fat-laden cream soup recipe into a soup that is healthier, but still satisfying. These tips to prepare low fat cream soup will help you stir up a pot of low-fat cream soup!


How To Prepare Low Fat Cream Soup

  • One of the key ingredients in cream soup is cream that gives it a rich, creamy texture and luscious flavor. However, if you want to cut down on the fat content, you need to be sparing on your usage of cream. Reducing the amount of cream or substituting it with skim milk or low-fat milk would leave you with creamy yet healthy soup. Evaporated skim milk is more concentrated and works well in cream soups and other cooked foods.
  • Substituting the high fattening thickeners like flour with starchy veggies like potatoes and squash would help you cut down on the fat content without compromising on the velvety texture of your soup. Just puree the veggies and add it to any cream soup to enhance the taste and texture of your soups. You can also add white rice to your cream soups for extra thickness.
  • Another key ingredient in most cream soup is cheese that apart from adding light tang to your soups, also packs in quite a fat whack. Substituting it with low-fat cheese like skim milk mozzarella will help. Nonfat or low-fat cream cheese provides a mild, cheesy flavor and creamy consistency to cream soups.
  • You don’t really need a large pinch of salt to flavor your cream soups. Sprinkling salt sparingly or opting for salt-free seasoning blends won’t just jazz up even the blandest of soups, but will also save you from consuming extra sodium. Try using seasonings like oregano, ginger, coriander, basil, dill or thyme.
  • Also, if you are using canned veggies to prepare your cream soup, don’t forget to rinse it beforehand to wash off the extra salt. If you are using canned broth, go for low-sodium varieties, or better, stir up your own homemade low-sodium stock.
  • Using butter sparingly is another way to make your cream soups absolutely low in fat. Sautéing the veggies in olive oil or canola oil beforehand will not only make the veggies even more flavorful and succulent, but will also reduce the fat content of your cream soups.


These tips should help you enjoy your piping hot bowl of cream siup without piling on a few extra pounds.


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Cream Soup