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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Buns

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Low Fat Buns — BunsTypically made with leavened yeast, studded with raisins, currants, spices, and laced with sugary white icing, buns pack in truckloads of fats, carbs and calories. To avoid this, try tweaking up the regular bun recipe and replacing fattening ingredients with low-fat alternatives. Doing so might change the texture and feel of your bun, but then that is any day a better option than piling yourself with unwanted calories. These tips on how to prepare low fat buns will help you achieve light buns easily.


How To Prepare Low Fat Buns

  • One of the best ways to slash the fat from your buns is to opt for healthier, low fat, high-nutritious options like yeast, whole wheat, or multigrain bun that packs in fewer calories and fats as opposed to white flour bun are full of flavor, and fits into every weight watchers diet plan. A typical yeast bun is inherently low in sugar and fat while multigrain and whole-grain bun are rich in dietary fiber.
  • Most people love to stuff their buns with luscious nuts and dry fruits that again can be quite fattening. In that case, substituting raisins and currants with other luscious yet healthy alternatives like prunes won't just spike up the feel and flavor of your buns, but will also help control fat portion to a large extent.
  • Unless you are preparing buns for the Easter and need to ice it up with sugar frosting, we suggest you give it a skip. Sugar frosting is usually very high on butter, sugar, and pack in quite a fat whack. However, if you have to add icing at all, then replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners and using low-fat butter or canola oil for icing will make it healthy.
  • Replacing cane sugar with healthy alternatives like apple sauce or fruit puree or even artificial sweeteners like Stevia  that is best recommended for baking will slash down the sugar and fat content from your bun.
  • Also, instead of slathering buns with butter, cheese, or loads of high-fat spread, you can enjoy it as lightly toasted, maybe with some honey.

Remember these tips the next time you are baking buns at home and enjoy a fat-free treat.


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Buns