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Tips To Prepare Apple Pie For Diabetics

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Apple Pie For Diabetics — Low Fat Apple PieApple pie with dollops of vanilla ice cream is so delicious and comforting that you shouldn't really say 'no' to it, even if you are a diabetic. Never mind if you suffer from high blood sugar, you can still enjoy a delicious apple pie sans spiking your blood sugar level. All you have to do is tweak up the traditional dessert recipe to a healthier, diabetic-friendly one using sugar-free, low GI, low carb and low fat alternatives. Just trail the tips on how to prepare apple pie for diabetics and get whomping up delicious apple pie.


How To Prepare Apple Pie For Diabetics

  • Making simple swaps like replacing the fattening flour and butter crust with low fat, low GI, and low carb graham cracker crust can make a whole lot of difference to your apple pie.
  • Eliminating sugar and all other sweetening ingredients like condensed milk, white sugar, brown sugar, and honey from your pie will make it all the more healthy for diabetics. Replacing them with fruit juice, Splenda, agave, stevia will result in sugar-free delicious diabetic treat.
  • Substituting whole eggs with egg whites or any other egg substitutes will not only cut down the fat content, but will also make the pie healthier and lighter.
  • Adding whipped cream or serving up your sugar free apple pie a la mode will add calories to the recipe. If you choose sugar free varieties of whipped cream or ice cream, you will minimize the additional calories. Stevia and agave can also be used as a sweetener.

Remember these tips while preparing apple pie for a diabetic the next time. In this way, you will be able to cut down or completely eliminate ingredients that can exacerbate blood sugar levels and enjoy a healthy sweet treat.

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Tips To Prepare Apple Pie For Diabetics