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How To Cook Venison On A Gas Grill

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How to cook venisonVenison is a very delicate meat and grilling it on the gas grill brings out its flavors in the best possible way. Venison is a natural on the grill and gets cooked easily but care needs to taken to do it the right way. The secret is not to let it overcook. Learn to do it the right way by following the steps given below.





Steps to Cook Venison on the Gas Grill

  1. Venison contains absolutely no fat and even though this makes it a healthier option among meats, it also renders the meat difficultHow to cook venison to be cooked. Clean it and marinate it using an oil-based marinade so that the meat remain moist during cooking. Brushing the meat with olive oil or canola oil would also serve the same purpose.
  2. Clean the grill and preheat to medium-high temperature.
  3. Reduce heat to medium and place the marinated venison on the top rack of the grill.
  4. Cook with lid covered.
  5. Let venison cook for about 20 minutes on each side very slowly. Venison tastes great when cooked slowly.
  6. Keep pressing venison with a spatula while cooking and keep checking to see whether it is cooked.
  7. Once done, keep grilled warm by covering with foil.



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Tips to Cook Venison on the Gas Grill

  • Do not use grilling fork while cooking venison since this would cause all the juices to run out.
  • Do not wait until venison gets charred like a steak since this would make it dry and leathery.
  • Do not leave venison on the grill after cooking since this would make it tough. Keep it warm wrapped in foil.

Cook venison on the grill for a delicious treat. Surprise friends and family with easy  to make grilled venison dishes.


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How To Cook Venison On A Gas Grill