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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Granola

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Low Fat Granola — Low Fat FoodOats, nuts, dried fruits, sweeteners and oil — all rolled into one can make yummy granola the perfect on-the-go-snack, but it can also pack in quite a ‘fat’ punch too.  Agreed, these energy bars are one great way to kick-start your day. However, high-fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated fats in granola bars can topple your diet plans and send your weight shooting high. Switching to lower-calorie alternatives can help you manage your weight and satisfy your hunger. For more tips on how to prepare low fat granola, read on.


How To Prepare Low Fat Granola

  • If you are looking to slash the fat content without compromising on the crunchy texture and sweet taste, you might just as well opt for bran flakes, wheat and millet, puffed cereals, etc instead of processed cereals. Not only are they more hearty and filling option, but packs in fewer calories per cup, which means low fat.
  • Another surprisingly easy way to cut the fat in your granola is to replace some of the oil with water. This works really well. Try it and you will wonder why so many granola recipes are packed with oil.
  • Getting smart and a little sparing with your choice and use of nuts can make a considerable difference to the fat content. Nuts are high in fat, but nutritious too. So, you can’t really skip them altogether. However, opting for low-fat alternatives like almonds and hazelnuts can leave your granola bars packed with health, unlike walnuts or Brazil nuts.
  • Also, using chopped nuts is any day a much better option than using whole nuts since sliced or flaked almonds tend to add more volume than whole nuts. That means you could do with lesser nuts and eventually, lesser fat in your granola.
  • It’s best advised to cook your granola nice and slowly and at a low temperature. This will help to make the granola nice and crunchy without the need for too much oil.
  • Keeping a tab on your serving size will help too. The best way to cut down the amount of fat in granola is to simply eat less of it.


Following these tips will give you the liberty to snack on granola sans any guilt.



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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Granola