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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Biscuits

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Low Fat Biscuits — Low Fat SnackBiscuits, the quintessential English tea time snacks, can not only be filling, but fattening too. Mindless munching on biscuits can topple your good health in myriad ways. However, if you think it is impossible to slash down fat content in biscuits since the recipe is very basic, know that being a little smart and sparing with your ingredients can result in delightfully light, low-fat biscuits. Trail the tips on how to prepare low fat biscuits to pick some healthy baking cues.


How To Prepare Low Fat Biscuits

  • Biscuits, no matter how appeasing to your taste buds, comes packed with saturated fat like butter, lard, margarine, or shortening that can shoot up your cholesterol levels and pose as a great risk for your cardiac health. Replacing half of the fat content with healthy, low-fat shortening substitute like canola oil, apple butter, ripe banana or prune puree will not only make your biscuits low on hydrogenated and trans fats, but also easy on your health.
  • No matter how luscious they might taste, milk and buttermilk biscuits are extremely high in fat and carbs. A single piece of milk or buttermilk based biscuit might deliver significant amount of fat that can be harmful for your health. In that case, replacing whole milk or buttermilk with soymilk can be a wise way to cut down on unwanted fat.
  • Another great way of cutting down fat content in your biscuit is to substitute whole eggs with egg whites. Just separate the yolks from the egg white and keep them aside. Whisk the egg whites until gloopy and foamy and them to the biscuit dough to help it binds together.
  • Using nonstick cooking spray instead of oil will not only result in crispier biscuits, but also low-fat ones.
  •  Most store-bought biscuits include high levels of refined sugar that can topple your healthy diet plans and affect your waistline in myriad ways. Eliminating white sugar from your biscuits will not only slash down the calories, which can be very fattening, but also boost the nutrition quotient of your biscuits. Using alternative sweeteners like aspartame, saccharin, stevia and sucralose can help you enjoy your homemade biscuits, minus the unwanted fats.


These easy tips will help you prepare light, crispy, low fat biscuits at home that would make for a perfect treat with tea or coffee.





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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Biscuits