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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Ice Cream

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Low Fat Ice Cream — Low Fat FoodLike all desserts, ice creams are full fat, calorie-laden frozen confections that scream 'decadent' and are best avoided if you want to stay in shape. However, if you find it difficult to stay away from , then these tips to prepare low fat ice cream will help you dig into dollops of ice cream sans any guilt. Just substituting the high-fat ingredients with low-fat alternatives will help you indulge in ice creams without derailing your diet. Read on to pick your cues.


How To Prepare Low fat Ice Cream

  • Well, technically, to be called an ice cream, it has to contain a certain percentage of butterfat. Usually ice creams are made from gelato that is made from whole milk and has certain amount of butterfat. However, if you wish to skip that, you can use ice milk instead, ideally prepared from low-fat or non-fat milk. However, remember, cutting down on whole milk will make your ice cream hard.
  • Cutting down on butter fat or opting for low fat milk or slim milk is not enough if you don't do anything about the high sugar content. One of the best ways to cut down on the calorie and high fat is to substitute sugar with artificial sweeteners. However, there are other natural ways to decrease or replace sugar in an ice cream. Honey or other naturally sweet ingredients (such as fruits) can be added to either replace or supplement a lower amount of sugar.
  • As with sugar and butterfat, to make your ice creams low on fat, the additions must also be low fat. Avoid high fat candy bar pieces or chocolate syrups. Instead, add fruits such as raspberries, strawberries, or lemon juice. For chocolate, use small pieces of (dark) chocolate or cocoa.


These tips won't just help turn your ice creams into total delight, but will also help you stay trim.


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Ice Cream