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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Soup

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Low Fat Soup — Low Fat FoodThere is nothing like a bowl off piping hot soup on cold winter evening; however, something as simple as a bowl of broth can be frighteningly laden with fats. Fret not, for switching to low-fat ingredients can make a whole lot of difference to your soup. An easy way of cutting down on the fat and getting extra nutrition is to stave away from high-calorie, high-fat ingredients  and load up your soup with vegetables and other lean ingredients. Take note of the below-mentioned tips on how to prepare low fat soup and enjoy your low fat soupy delight, right to the last drop.


How To Prepare Low fat Soup

  • One best way to cut down fat content in your soups is to replace meat with leaner cuts. Use skinless chicken, breast of turkey, or pork tenderloin instead of red meat. If your soup recipe calls for sausage, then opting for a low-fat sausage such as turkey polska kielbasa can help. Remember, you can always do with half the quantity of meat than the recipe calls for.
  • When using cream, its best to opt for low-fat milk cream or fat-free-half-and-half cream as they contain less fat than whole cream. However, since cream is sensitive to high heat, you can add them toward the end of cooking or stir them in right before serving. Again, you can altogether skip cream and use whole milk instead, as they add similar taste and texture to your soup without making them high on fat.
  • If your soup recipe calls for dollops of butter, just skip it altogether. However, if you need butter to sauté vegetables, then settle for olive oil or canola oil instead. However, do not use more than a tablespoon of oil. If you need to add extra moisture at all, add a couple of tablespoons of water, wine, or broth instead of oil.
  • Adding beans and whole grains like barley, brown rice, wild rice, or whole-wheat pastas instead of refined grains can double up the nutrition content of your soup and cut down on the fat content.


Hopefully, these tips on how to prepare low fat soup will help you savor your broth without piling on extra pounds on your body.


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Soup