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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Cookies

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Low Fat Cookies — Low Fat FoodCookies are the perfect crowd-pleasers, but munching on them too much can fill your diet with unnecessary fats and sadly derail your weight-loss plans. No need to worry, though! Now even cookie can be a part of your healthy diet. Just replace the high fat, high cal ingredients with healthier one and transform these decadent delights into diet-friendly cookies that taste so delicious that you can't just stop at one. All you have to do is add in loads of non-fat ingredients, whole grains, dried fruits, and antioxidant rich nuts to your favorite cookie mix and indulge. These tips on how to prepare low fat cookies should get you going and gorging!


How To Prepare Low fat Cookies

  • Even the most decadent cookies can pack in wonderful health bonus. All you have to do is use the sweeteners judiciously, skip on hydrogenated fat and opt for all-natural ingredients to make terrific cookies that are both high on health and taste.
  • Use whole-wheat flour instead of all-purpose white flour to prepare the cookie mix. This not only packs in a greater nutritional punch, but also cuts down on unwanted fats.
  • Another great way to minimize fat in your cookies is to use egg substitutes instead. You can either opt for a store-bought egg substitute or use egg whites if you want.
  • Substituting butter, oil, and other high-fat ingredients with applesauce can save extra fats from seeping into your cookies. Applesauce not only adds moisture to the recipe, but also gives it a night texture. A perfect fat substitute for baking indeed!
  • When making chocolate or chocolate chip cookies, go for semi-sweet or dark chocolates than the high-fat milk chocolates. Using dark chocolate would be a great option since they pack in high levels of antioxidants and are considerably low on fat.


Follow the above-mentioned tips when preparing low fat cookies the next time that are not only dense in nutrients, but also provide a healthy dosage of fiber and low fat.


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Cookies