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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Muffin

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Low Fat Muffin — Low Fat FoodMuffins always come loaded with dairy, butter, and eggs and no matter how appeasing and filling they might be, they always tend to pack in a 'fat' punch. However, cutting down on sugar and opting for healthier alternatives like flax seed, bananas, or sunflower seeds can transform decadent muffins into low-fat, healthy treats. Easy to prepare and great to eat, you can prepare muffins using regular kitchen staples. Check out the below mentioned tips on how to prepare low fat muffin that not only pack in quite a lot of flavor, but gratifies your gut without hurting the heart or packing on the pounds.


How To Prepare Low Fat Muffin

  • When making muffins, taking care of a few things will help, you cut down on the fat content considerably. Simple habits like spraying the pan with nonstick cooking spray instead of lining it with greasy butter will save extra fats from sneaking into your muffins.
  • Eggs can pack in extra fat on your muffins. You can either go for egg whites to make your muffins or opt for other healthy substitutes like flax seed mixed with water.
  • When preparing the muffin batter, stir together all the ingredients in a bowl sans the sugar. You can use pastry flour instead of all-purpose flour to make your muffins all the more healthy.
  • To make it all the more non-fattening, you can opt for apple or maple syrup that works great for baking. You can also use fruit puree as a more healthy, low-fat alternative. Remember, less butter and sugar is the secret to fluffy muffins. Overdose of it can just turn your muffins into cupcakes.
  • To make up for the lack of sugar, butter, and high-fat dairy, you can add loads of fruits and nuts to it. Not only will it lend your muffins extra sweetness, but will also make it all the more rich and tasty. However, refrain from going overboard as even nuts are high on fats, though healthy ones. Remember, moderation is the key here.

These helpful tips will help you prepare low-fat muffins and dig into it sans any guilt.


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Muffin