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Tips To Cook Frozen Tuna

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Tuna — Tuna FishAlthough, fresh tune is available only from late spring to early fall, frozen tuna can be bought year-round. It is, in fact, a great idea to go for frozen tuna as they are at their freshest when iced up. Just make sure that you use frozen tuna as early as possible and thoroughly thaw it before cooking. Trail the blog for tips on cooking frozen tuna and get creating some tuna delicacies.


How To Cook Frozen Tuna

  • It is best to defrost the fish before cooking. Place the frozen tuna in a zip-lock bag, put it in the refrigerator, and allow it to thaw overnight. Another easy way to defrost tuna would be to pack it in a sealed pouch and dunk it in a vat of cold water.
  • Never use warm water to thaw fish as it will break up the fat in the fish. Also, do not microwave frozen tuna as doing so can ruin the texture and taste of fish completely.
  • Once thawed, rinse the fish thoroughly and pat it dry using a clean kitchen towel.
  • Collect all tuna steaks in a bowl, season them with salt, and freshly ground pepper. The cooking time would heavily depend on the thickness of the tuna steaks.
  • Take some oil in a pan or skillet and heat it on medium-high. Once you see steam rising out of the pan, add the seasoned tuna steaks, cook for a minute or two, and flip. Once the raw color turns into light ivory, remove the tuna steaks from the pan and allow it 5 minutes of standing time.
  • Squirt some fresh lemon juice over tuna and enjoy yummy pan-fried tuna.


Apart from searing them in the pan, you can also grill or bake tuna steaks. Just ensure that you maintain proper hygiene before cooking the fishes.


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Tips To Cook Frozen Tuna