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Poached Egg and Watercress Salad

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As most of us know it can be difficult to keep an eye on our waistlines, especially during the week when many of us need to grab lunch on the go.

But often the thought of a salad can conjure up a less-than-appetising image of soggy leaves and bland flavours.

Luckily, TV presenter and self-confessed foodie Kate Thornton has teamed up with Blue Dragon to design this tasty salad treat, combining the salty taste of the prosciutto with the peppery watercress and sweet chilli dressing to create a fast food lunch that’s big on flavour without the calorie count.

Kate’s tip: use eggs that are as fresh as possible as the fresher they are, the better they will keep their shape.

The second recipe of the series, Kate is dishing up three easy to follow recipes to add a dash of spice to mealtimes. Whether it’s a night in with friends, a mid-week treat or satisfying fussy teenagers these recipes are sure to impress!

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Poached Egg And Watercress Salad