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How To Cook With Wheat Grass

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There are different ways to cook with wheat grass. The dishes that you cook with wheat grass will help you reap the benefits of this exotically marvelous plant. Before outlining what are the various ways of cooking with wheat grass, read about few of the health benefits of wheat grass.


Known as the Liquid Sunshine, wheat grass helps in the prevention as well as cure of various diseases. While it can enhance the immune power of human body, it is also stimulates the synthesis of hemoglobin. An excellent detoxifying agent of liver, wheat grass is also a rich source of antioxidants. Hence it is widely prevalent use as an anti-ageing agent. Wheat grass helps in losing weight by lowering or even inhibiting the appetite levels. An excellent cleanser, wheat grass can be used for whole body detoxification also.


Wheat grass is available in various forms. While you can grow wheat grass at home and use the fresh yield for preparing juice, you can purchase it from your nearby store in the form of powder, frozen or as tablets. You may even get fresh wheat grass that can be used while you cook with wheat grass.


Read on to know few of the ways of wheat grass can be used in daily cooking.


Wheat Grass Juice


You can grind the fresh wheat grass your purchased or you harvested into a soulful drink. You can refrigerate the wheat grass juice for later use also.


Wheat Grass In Smoothies


When you blend a smoothie for your breakfast, you add a teaspoon if wheat grass powder. Prepare the smoothies using fresh seasonal fruits, yogurt, crushed ice and wheat grass powder. You may add honey or agave syrup to sweeten your smoothies.


Wheat Grass In Sauces


You can wheat grass powder in sauces that you use to top your favorite chicken or fish dish. The sauces that you cook with wheat grass become healthier and tastier. Thicken the sauce using olive oil. Here also you need to add sugar or honey to suppress the otherwise bitter taste rendered by wheat grass. If you want a rich sauce, then use cream instead of olive oil.


Wheat Grass In Veggie & Fruit Juices


Wheat grass can be included while preparing vegetable or fresh fruit juice in two different ways. Prepare the fresh wheat grass juice and veggie or fruits juice separately. If you are preparing a veggie juice, you can use carrots, spinach and tomatoes. Blend wheat grass juice with the fresh veggie juice. Or, you can mix a handful of fresh wheat grass to the veggie juice while blending it.


Wheat Grass In Breads


You can use wheat grass powder while you bake bread at home. Adding flax seed meal will make the bread healthier and more nutritious. You need to mix wheat grass flour to the bread mixture before adding the yeast.


Wheat Grass In Pizza


Adding wheat grass to pizzas will render a differently unique flavor and taste to the pizzas.


Wheat Grass In Muffins


You can add powdered wheat grass while making cookies and muffins. Remember to add extra sweetener to keep away the bitter taste.


So, the next time you can try these recipe ideas to cook with wheat grass.


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How To Cook With Wheat Grass