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What Are The Best Meats To Use For Hamburger

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best meats to use for hamburgerHamburgers are very popular in the US and most of the restaurants do not pack it with the best meats to use for hamburger. This is because hamburgers are best sold in fast food centres and they do not give much emphasis to health with business being their prime concern. But there some meats considered excellent for hamburgers. Here is a list of some high quality hamburger meats.

The best meats to use for hamburger:

Grass-fed beef

The cattle grown for meat do not often receive very humane treatment. But it is believed that those cattle reared with love and given freedom to roam around and graze produce the best meat. The good, happy diet that the cattle had in its life would make the meat healthier and more tender. It costs more too, but do we really care about the cost?

Wagyu beef

This is one of the costliest beef in the world and for a reason. They taste the best and some of the finest hamburgers have wagyu beef between the breads. This beef is from wagyu cattle which found its way into the US from Japan. But even today, the best wagyu cattle are reared in Japan. Known for its extensive fat marbling, the beef is also called snow beef because it looks like it is covered in snow, thanks to the fat content. But the advantage of this beef is that much of the fat that it contains melts at room temperature. This is undoubtedly one of the best meats to use for hamburger.

Prime Rib

Prime rib meat is cut from the rib area of the cow and is considered one of the fine meats for hamburgers. It has a tender, marbled texture and is used to make some of the high-end hamburgers in the world.

Hamburgers needn’t often be sloppy or staid in taste. You can choose your hamburger meats wisely and make it taste like any dish at a fine dining restaurant.

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What Are The Best Meats To Use For Hamburger